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06 May

A. 2021 Influenza (Flu) Immunisation Campaign Update 

1. What: Get your FREE influenza (Flu) immunisation (for those eligible*) 

Who: *Flu vaccination is now available FREE for anyone 65 or older 

Flu vaccine is also FREE for pregnant women (any trimester), people with certain chronic conditions, and young children aged 4 years or under with a history of severe respiratory illness (or are hospitalised for respiratory illness). 

For those who are under 65, vaccination will be available from 17 May 2021  (charges may apply). 

Where: At your local family doctor (GP) or participating community pharmacist- see full list of  participating pharmacies here 

Details: For full details of eligibility criteria, see here . For more information, see here

Resources: For translated ‘Free flu immunisation for people 65 years+’ posters to promote to  your Communities (English, Arabic, Burmese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese,  Spanish, note Punjabi and Portuguese will be uploaded soon) see here 

Also available ‘Treasure our Whanau’ posters in English, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Filipino,  Hindi, Korean and Urdu, please see here 

See videos featuring Doctors/GP’s covering five important questions about the flu shots in Mandarin, Korean and Hindi (click on the language) 

Flu and COVID-19 vaccination: 

  • You can have your annual flu shot and your COVID-19 vaccination, but not  at the same time. 

  • Get your COVID-19 vaccination first if you have an appointment booked for  it. 

  •  If you do not have an appointment booked for a COVID-19 vaccination, get your flu shot first. 

  •  Leave a gap of two weeks between the COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine.  Please note that whilst a two-week gap between flu and COVID vaccines is  recommended there are no clinical safety concerns should the gap between  vaccines be less than two weeks. 

B. COVID-19 Vaccination Update 

2. Call for COVID-19 vaccine champions/influencers: 

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) is looking for individuals in  the community that are willing to share their vaccine journey publicly. Preferably well-known individuals that can be perceived as role models in their community. If you or  someone you know can help, please get in touch with Rizwaana (Riz) Latiff, Senior  Communications Advisor – Engagement COVID-19 Group for more information. Riz’s  email is Rizwaana.latiff@health.govt.nz 

3. The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) has published  the attached ‘Fatwa’ regarding getting the COVID-19 vaccine during the month  of Ramadhan. 

4. COVID-19 vaccination journey: 

The vaccination patient journey videos have been updated. Please see new links below to these: 

- Long version: here 

- Short version: here 

- Quick version: here 

(Subtitles in different languages will be added). 

5. COVID-19 vaccine videos: health professionals share some basic information  around the COVID-19 vaccination in the following languages (the videos are  downloadable): 

English (newly added); Cantonese; Hindi; Korean; Mandarin; Punjabi; Vietnamese (I  am sharing these again, please share these videos with your respective community  members/groups/stakeholders and social media channels) 

Arabic, Burmese, Japanese, Khmer, Tagalog and Urdu will be available soon. 

C. Other Updates 

6. Wellbeing Guides in Multiple Languages 

Yellow Brick Road provides services for families who have a loved one  experiencing mental health challenges. They have published wellbeing guides in  multiple languages for managing anxiety, boosting mental health and lowering  stress levels. See here